reflecting the right image

branding visuals

simple, clean and powerful imagery

Too often clients overlook the formation of branding visuals as a key asset to building the right positive image for their organization. Branding visuals can have a dramatic impact on how you are perceived by the public.


Glenn Studios developed the branding statement “Riding the Edge of Performance” and paired this with a custom visual of the rider and his WAR (We Are Ross) bike overlooking a beautiful vista. The entire visual was created digitally, marrying the rider and a ‘pre-production’ bike together in the scene.

showcasing your solution

Branding visuals work to effectively tie in a product or service to the solution so the viewer is able to see a direct benefit or value.


In this branding visual Glenn Studios created a 3D product rendering of the sensor in a freezer case and overlayed this with a customer monitoring their cloud-based SensorMesh dashboard.

refrigeration innovation

In this product-focused visual a 3D scene was developed to pair the SensorSimple products together.

emphasize a single point of strength

Branding visuals can provide a great way to drive home a concept you want your market to associate with your brand.


VolumeShoot offers efficiency and productivity to the busy life of the professional event photographer. Organization is a key benefit of the VolumeShoot platform.

creative use of the brand logo

In some cases, the logo itself can be used as a creative element to tie the product or company to a concept.


In this visually striking brand graphic, Glenn Studios showcased the product logo using flowing data to represent the Perfecta Tirade SaaS communications and security system.

perfecta labyrinth

For this unique brand visual, Glenn Studios created a maze that was rendered around and behind the Labyrinth product logo.


A visually engaging social media scene was rendered behind the product logo in this unique brand graphic.

creative brand placement

We love to find creative ways to showcase brand visuals and tie them into the brand theme. Effective product placement, brand statements and logo usage can form a trifecta that boosts brand recognition.

ross bikes

Glenn Studios created the ‘Riding the Edge of Performance’ campaign for Ross Bikes. Throughout the campaign, creative brand visuals were paired with product placement.

product hero visuals

An effective brand visual will often feature a benefit statement and show the product associated with a brand centered setting.

refrigeration innovation

In this brand visual, Glenn Studios emphasized the product as the hero, tied the product to the usage scene (freezers) and established a strong benefit statement surrounding the product.

calico cottage

OK. Full transparency here. We drew straws for who got do to this photoshoot. Yum.

striking brand constructs

Whenever you can take a concept and build it around your brand in a memorable way, it established an affinity between the brand and the purpose it serves.

red piranha crystal eye

Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye, an advanced firewall device, was launched with this gorgeous brand visual that tied the ‘firewall’ concept to the brand name.

red piranha Crystal Eye

Red Piranha asked Glenn Studios to develop a brand visual that emphasized the SPEED of their solution. This gorgeous brand visual was developed and was subsequently picked up on the front cover of the largest industry trade publication in their market.