Motion Graphics and Animation

Glenn Studios can produce a wide variety of motion graphics and animated videos to help build your brand. We write the scripts, produce the artwork and create the animations. Our post-production services include sourcing the narration/voice-overs, sound-effects and musical scores used in the video.
Nest & Nook – Flame Log Rack

Nest and Nook needed an instruction video created to show customers how to assemble their fireplace log rack. Glenn Studios created 3D artwork in Cinema 4D to create a photo-realistic motion graphic. After Effects CC2018 was then used to composite the musical score and type animation for the video.

Nest & Nook – Tree Log Rack

This is the second 3D motion graphic and video composition for Nest and Nook instructional series for their log rack product line. Cinema 4D and After Effects CC2018 were used as the tools to generate the final video.

Cogent Event Planner Video

Cogent Global Solutions hired Glenn Studios to produce an explainer video that introduced their services to event planners. The strategy of the video was to relate how Cogent understands the problems facing event planners and offers solutions that meet the needs of the planners, differentiating Cogent from the other production companies in the market.

Cogent About Us Video

Glenn Studios produced this video for the Cogent About Us page on their website.

Cogent 3D Branding Video

We produced this 3D branding video for our client Cogent Global Solutions to showcase their logo. This video is used in combination with presentation graphics shown by the client to their customers. Branding videos like this are great to use at trade-show events, as part of presentations and on websites.

Red Piranha Crystal Eye Video

We produced this video for our client Red Piranha to showcase their next-generation firewall, Crystal Eye and impress upon viewers the impressive number of features it has. Red Piranha is aggressively developing this technology and part of the strategy with this video was to let potential customers know more features were under development.

Red Piranha Branding Video

We produced this video for our client Red Piranha to use on their about us page of their website. It shows malicious code and IP packet data flowing across the scene. Their main product, Crystal Eye, detects, protects and responds to network security threats found in network traffic.