present and engage investors 

pitch videos

problem/solution – customer journey – discovery & adoption

Pitch videos provide a rich, engaging way to explain your opportunity to potential investors. We create the storyline to showcase the unique value proposition you’re offering, define the problem/solution and build support for the valuation you’re asking for.


This pitch video was used in combination with a pitch deck to showcase the ICARUS platform and customer journey. It effectively builds support for discovery, adoption, and MAU (monthly active users) growth metrics presented to investors in the pitch deck.

explain key technologies and features

demonstration videos

the most professional way to present your product

An investor’s first view of your technology sets their impression, confidence level and belief in what you’ve built. A professional video can walk the investor through this journey in a safe, controlled way, leaving them with the best impression. Live demonstrations typically come at a later stage of discussions and benefit you as the investor has the broad concepts already in mind.


This demonstration was used as part of the pitch process. It allowed the client to demonstrate high-level concepts for their platform in a controlled manner as part of the presentation. This prepared investors for a live demonstration which was given at the end of the presentation.