Branding on Social Media

Use these guides for content sizes for social media platforms. 


Facebook offers cover photos, shared link graphics, highlighted and event images. View the information below:

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LinkedIn offers personal background, BG image, standard logo, business banner image, hero and square logo.

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Instagram offers photo thumbnails, video to stories, portrait, landscape, and photo feed sizes.

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Twitter offers three simple graphics options; the profile photo, header photo and in-stream photo. View the information below:

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YouTube offers channel profile graphics, channel cover photo graphics, video upload branding opportunities and custom in-video graphics banners.

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Pinterest offers profile images, board displays, and pin sizes. Getting the graphics size perfect for Pinterest is very important.

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Google +

Google + offers a profile image, two shared image sizes, a full cover image, and a shared video. View the information below:

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Tumblr only offers two graphics options you can use for brand marketing; a profile image and an image post graphic.

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WeChat offers a small profile image, an article preview header, an article preview thumbnail and an article inline image.

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Social Media Graphics

Posting graphics on social media is a great way to gain additional exposure for your brand. These are a few social media ads Glenn Studios has created for social media to tie into client campaigns.

Branding graphics help you stand out on Social Media platforms

We’re really inventive when displaying brands on social media. This example for Cogent drew a lot of positive attention as it is unique and distinctive.